Our Gear

Our list of things that really helped us survive. In the pictures below nicely packed up for walking around. It was easily possible for us to walk with it through Tokyo and New York City from the train station or airport shuttle station to our place.
Tobias_JanieschIMG_6707   IMG_6714

The things to survive when traveling with babies

Maxi-Cosi Pebbles

Wherever we are, we have the Maxi-Cosi Pebble’s with us. It has secured our babies in planes, cars, buses! It helped us to shower and to feed our twins. Even if we wouldn’t drive a car, we would get them and take them around the world 🙂

IMG_8101     IMG_8106IMG_1861     IMG_1924IMG_1121      IMG_3088
Maxi-Cosi Buggies Mila

We decided to leave our Mountain Buggy Duett at home after Scandinavia. It was just too big for traveling and we wouldn’t be able to walk with it through NYC. We took two Maxi-Cosi Mila’s instead. It turned out to be a great idea. The kids started to sleep again in the buggy and at subway stops I could carry it up and down stairways alone. Folded together they fitted easily into a smaller rental car as well. And the adapters to put the Maxi-Cosi Pebble’s on it were directly included.


BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light

We use two BabyBjörn Travel Crib’s light. The crib’s weight is below 5kg and they come in a very nice suite case. You can see when we unfold the suite case what else we fit in there. Everything our babies need to sleep in one place 🙂 Life saver if you need unpack quickly.

  • cuddly toy with music
  • bed linen
  • dribble towel
  • baby phone with all cords
  • sleeping bag
  • baby pyjamas

Travel Crib Light Baby Björn  Travel Crib Light Baby BjörnTravel Crib Light Baby Björnbabybjoern

TwinGo Baby Carrier

It is perfect if you want to be flexible on your own. Just put the kids in and off you go. No more crying kids in the buggy 🙂 Broken side curbs in Morocco, no problem just hop over them with the TwinGo Carrier.

TwinGo TwinGo_Official_Logo_bkg_031915

NUK – Babyphone Eco Control+ Video

Watch your babies play, while you enjoy a coffee 🙂 Also perfect at night to see what’s really going on when one of the kids is crying or screaming.

Nuk Eco Control Baby Phone Video

Food scale from Dipse

Looks messy, but we prepare dinner for the kids with the scale. Healthy rice flakes and oatmeal  🙂 We also use the scale to weigh fruit desert and other stuff. Handy to have it.

digital scaleIMG_8419

All weather blanket

We literally pull it out everywhere. Restaurants, parks, at home, in a museum etc.. essential to have it!

all weather blanketIMG_9905

Best Toy in the world

You will be surprised how long the kids can be entertained by this!


NUK Baby Sippy Bottle

To give them a good start with drinking water. Our ones still trying to learn it 8)


DentiStar Pacifier

Get’s them a better smile – at least that’s what DentiStar is saying 😀 Let’s talk again in ten years time!

IMG_5097 IMG_5102

Pacifier chains

Life saver. At the beginning, you don’t need it, but once the kids get around 5 to 6 months you can’t go without them. Make sure to get the elastic plastic things at the end to connect and disconnect the pacificer easily.


Real Passport (No Children Passports) for us and the kids

Don’t be happy and excited like us with two “Kinderreisepässen” 🙂 For the U.S., you also need the real adult ones. Why spend money for something that doesn’t get you everywhere. We had to go to the “Einwohner Bürgeramt in Pankow” again to get new ones.



Again at “Einwohner Meldeamt” 🙂


6 Comments on “Our Gear

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  2. Hi there! Why did you go for the Pebble over the Cabriofix? The cabriofix is much lighter so that would be a more obvious choice to carry around. We’re also expecting twins and this is the reason we have our mind set up on cabriofix.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Bram and Helena! To be honest we bought them before we decided to travel. And at that stage we just went for them most secure one. For me it was never an issue carrying them on the trip though. For my wife it was indeed a bit heavy at times. If the Cabriofix is as secure and really much lighter you might test both! We also had Maxi Cosi buggies etc. so it was so easy to connect them to the buggies we was a major plus as well. Not sure if the cabriofix can be mounted on any buggy?



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