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O Hawaii no ka aina maikai

Today our kids got our Tenerife travel guide into their hands. At first they were very curious, but that feeling changed quickly into great disbelief. “That doesn’t look like Hawaii, does it?” Justus realized rather quickly that he won’t be in Hawaii until he is at least one-year-old. Juri was still figuring out what was […]

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Bill Clinton’s washroom

Ahead of leaving Berlin we did a little pre-travel to see how we go on the road. We decided to visit my uncle in Rinteln and Juri and Justus great-grandma and great granddad in Iserlohn – 1000km roundtrip. On the first stop at a gas station, I realized that I want this all-weather blanket I mentioned in […]

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Passport and Baby Doctor

Getting passports

Wow, what a week. Since we shared our idea about spending some time abroad, we got so many nice comments from all over the world. Everyone seems to be quite excited. Especially us, of course 🙂 Thank you! We even got an email from a couple from the US to stay with them in Florida and […]

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Telling the Twins About Our Plans

Before we proceeded with planning, packing and organizing (which we knew was going to be hell :-)) we wanted to see what our babies thought about it all. So, this morning I had the pleasure of telling them about our plans.

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