If you ask me where I would go tonight, I would go back to this day

We continued our journey through southern Japan, visited the wonderful city of Nagasaki (known as the Rio de Janeiro of Japan) and hiked on a ferrytale-like island called Yakushima.

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The other Japan – From Magome to Tsumago

Isn’t it true – that we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us? The gladdest moments in my life have always been there when I was departuring into unknown lands. Leaving Tokyo and spending some time in the woods, in the “other Japan”, was definitely one them.

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Our travel route through Japan and how we spend the first days

Our challenging road by train, plane, boat and car through Japan: Tokyo (4 days) – Tsumago (3 days) – Nara (4 days) – Nagasaki (3 days) – Kagoshima (1 day)  – Yakushima (2 days) – Kagoshima (1 day) – Okinawa (9 days) – Tokyo (1 day). But let’s start with day one and why I explored Tokyo with our boys at 2am in the morning.

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ようこそ東京 – Welcome Tokyo

We happily arrived in Tokyo 🙂 But WordPress again was too quick to send out the email. An update will follow very soon about our first days here. Sorry for the long wait – having twins, travel and writing blog posts take some time!



From Quebec to New Hampshire

Never stop exploring. We are hiking through Quebec in Canada and the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

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New York City with a Baby

Snap! We are in New York City baby.. or better babies! 🙂 All that planning where to stay and if it would be suitable for kids. And if summer there wouldn’t be too hot and humid. Here we are exploring Downtown Manhattan and enjoying the views on “Top of the Rock”
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Our flight to the USA

Don’t look so skeptic Mr. Check-In guy! How we managed to fly business to the USA and therefore, could have carried eight bags, eight pieces of hand luggage and eight backpacks 🙂IMG_5845 Read More

Stockholm, can we please stay :)

Why traveling “3-3-3-4-3-4-2-3” is not ideal when you travel with kids.IMG_0271 Read More

How to not steal milk in Oslo

How we traveled through Sweden, Denmark and Norway and conquered Scandinavia.IMG_0112 Read More

The Ferry from Rostock to Trelleborg

The Baltic Sea, a Naked Bum and how we beat our GPS driving estimation to reach our ferry to Sweden on-time.

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