If you ask me where I would go tonight, I would go back to this day

We continued our journey through southern Japan, visited the wonderful city of Nagasaki (known as the Rio de Janeiro of Japan) and hiked on a ferrytale-like island called Yakushima.


After an entertaining train ride where mostly locals took care of our kids, we arrived safely at the Nagasaki train station. Getting off the train in Nagasaki was wonderful. It was much warmer than in Nara and there was Jazz music playing through the train station’s speakers. It somehow felt like arriving in Hawaii where we were welcomed with a ukulele live performance and flower chains (back in the days when we didn’t have kids!). It was easy to directly fell in love with the city.

IMG_1680_1024 IMG_1785

They also had these cute little cable cars that run through the city. Much nicer than buses, but they always had to be accessed by stairways without elevators.. anyway, definitely worth it!


After being in Hiroshima some years ago, we were also committed to go to the Atomic Bomb museum in Nagasaki. The museum is really well done and makes clear what kind of human disaster has happened here on the 9th of August 1945 at 11:02am. Everyone should be visiting this place and humanity would have a chance of survival. In Japan I have met so many people who give without remembering and take without forgetting that I hope we can spread this nice habit all over the world.


IMG_1774_1024 IMG_1751_1024

We also went to the peace park near to the hypocenter of the atomic bomb. Since there were so many Chinese tourist at the park, we were even more interesting for everyone. In the end we had to leave because the kids were getting irritated by all the pictures and selfie sticks..!


IMG_1742_1024 IMG_1739_1024

After Nagasaki it was finally island time! Our last 11 nights we would spend on two islands Yakushima and Okinawa. To get there we made our way to Kagoshima where all the ferries go to the southern islands. Our Japanese AirBnB host Miyuki booked the tickets and the rental car on Yakushima for us. Another Japanese friend booked the A-Line ferry from Kagoshima to Okinawa via phone for us (important to note, both ferries the JetFoil from Toppy to Yakusihma and the A-Line Ferry going to Okinawa stop in different harbours on their way. Check which harbour is the closest to your hotel and/or car rental before buying the tickets)

IMG_1939_1024  IMG_1945_1024

Yakushima itself is simply amazing. The minute you arrive you feel lost in a ferry-tale. Low hanging clouds, little mountains, everything is green and not many people around. The residents of Yakushima say it rains 35 days a month, that also why it is all green here 🙂


We had a little house through booking.com that was wonderful and had a big garden! But the owners didn’t like kids so much, so the stay at the house was ok, but not great. It was actually the only time we ever had problems with an accommodation and our kids. Most of the other places we were even welcomed with little toys for our babies 🙂

IMG_2213_1024 IMG_2182_1024

We did quite a few hikes on Yakushima with the kids. A walk through the Shiratani Unsuikyo Valley was one of them.



IMG_2060 IMG_2277

Next: Our last stop of our year long journey takes us to Okinawa!


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