From Quebec to New Hampshire

Never stop exploring. We are hiking through Quebec in Canada and the White Mountains in New Hampshire.


After the train ride from New York we were super lucky to stay a night in the Hotel Le Crystal Montreal, in my opinion the best hotel in Montreal (see our Host page). All the stress from New York was washed away in just one day. Great bed and mattress, nice swimming pool and outdoor Jacuzzi, nice breakfast! And for a change, the kids slept through the night.


The next days we could stay with friends. We burned through the travel budget in NYC quite a bit, so we welcomed the change of free accommodation 🙂

The most striking sight in Montreal apart from the Notre-Dame de Montréal..


.. was the botanical garden for us. It is huge and is one of the best gardens we have seen around the globe so far.

IMG_0662IMG_8273  IMG_0663

In Montreal, we also got our rental car. Good to be more flexible again. In Boston and New York City we would not have wanted one, but now it made sense. Since we got the car in Canada and returned it at the Airport in Boston it was a bit tricky to get a good deal. In the end we found a good car at Budget through the website


After a few days in Montreal, we made our way to Quebec and to our new home in the woods.

IMG_0725IMG_8508  IMG_0693

Quite stressed out from the driving (travel by plane, boat or train is soooo much more convenient with kids), we were happy to just hang out in our small suburb of Quebec City. The supermarket close by was fantastic and we spent most of the time in Quebec cooking great food and walking in the woods.

Only one day we spent in Quebec City to visit the famous Fairmont Le Château Frontenac Hotel and to walk through historic district.


Our next stop should be the USA again  – Franconia in the White Mountains! To find the right accommodation was quite tricky. We only had a driving radius from Quebec City of 2.5 hours (midday nap) with our kids. Everything else would be a nightmare. We once drove to the Frankfurt Airport during the night with the hope that our kids would sleep through the 4.5h drive. We ended up spending 75mins on a rest stop to get them back to sleep at 11pm at night. Not something we wanted to try in the US 🙂

Luckily Tanya our host gave us a great discount since she was a pediatrician and loved kids. The accommodation was fantastic and in our driving radius. Also connecting us in 2.5 hours driving time to the next place we wanted to stay – the Rockport area north of Boston.

IMG_0737  White Mountains - house in Franconia

The Flume Gorge was one famous sight in the White Mountains we really enjoyed. The Flume is a natural gorge extending 240m at the base of Mount Liberty. The walls of Conway granite rise to a height of 20m to 27m and are 3.5m to 6m apart.


Our other activities included hiking through the beautiful mountains…


.. and taking a cable car up to Mt. Washington. Allegedly Mt. Washington has the worst weather in the USA or even in the world. We can confirm that 🙂


IMG_9154  IMG_0817

The last days in the USA we spent in Ipswich in the wonderful Historic Rogers and Brown House B&B. The area around there and Rockport with the old wooden American houses is really beautiful and definitely worth a visit.

IMG_9264IMG_1072  IMG_9478

Especially the nearest beach Crane Beach was perfect for babies. It has warm tide pools, so we could play there with the kids and enjoy the water without any danger. The evenings we spent in the garden of the B&B and served the babies their dinner outside 🙂


Ah, and I forget to write about the “Big Business in Montreal! Ha, we were in a mexican restaurant for lunch and were seated on a round table directly in the middle. It had the “benefit” that every guest could see us. Then out of nowhere suddenly both our kids had to poop. I never heard them groaning so much, and there face turned white, red, white, red… it felt like they were in a competition. We certainly entertained the entire restaurant 😀

After five nights in Ipswich, we dropped off our car at the Boston Internation Airport, and got ready for our next adventure – JAPAN!


Next up: Flying to Japan and exploring Tokyo 🙂



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