New York City with a Baby

Snap! We are in New York City baby.. or better babies! 🙂 All that planning where to stay and if it would be suitable for kids. And if summer there wouldn’t be too hot and humid. Here we are exploring Downtown Manhattan and enjoying the views on “Top of the Rock”

The first day after our arrival we wanted to get an overview over the city and went to the top of the Rockefeller Center. It has in my opinion the best view of the city. You can see downtown on the one side (Empire State Building, One World Trade Center) and the Central Park on the other side.

IMG_7592 IMG_7662 IMG_7336

A quick lunch over the clouds can’t be missed. Since we had a kitchen we could serve our kids self-cooked organic food. It was not that easy in the USA to get good baby food as we thought. Only very big supermarkets or the bigger Whole Foods stores had a good selection. The best baby food we found was from Earth Best and Plum Organics. You can read more about how we dealt with baby food during our trip on our “Tips page“.


The subway in New York was a bit of a nightmare. Not as bad as in London, but still warm, crowded and mostly without elevators. Happy carrying buggies up and down!! Some of the subway entrances on the street were so small that we were lucky to have two small buggies. No chance to get down there with a twins buggy. At least we knew how to entertain our kids and made the best out of riding the subway 🙂



Most of the time we got off the subway at Grand Central Station. The station there was well equipped with elevators and shops and was very close to our apartment.


The kids loved the stores and it always took a bit of time to get them out of there and out of the VW Bulli 🙂


At first we were surprised how quiet the city was. I remembered it to be much much louder the last time I was there. But the “silence” only remained until Monday. We didn’t realize that we arrived on a Friday evening and that the weekend had less traffic and noise than the working days. On Monday, the real New York noise kicked in and we tried to flee to the parks in the afternoons to play with the kids. One is named “The High Line”. It is a public park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side. Really cool and quite. You can walk around 20 blocks on the old rail line. A very nice way to walk home 🙂


Another park we obviously went to is the central park. Such a nice park! We were surprised how well it was maintained – very clean and wonderfully set up with trees, rocks, lakes, and flowers. The perfect place for the kids.


The evenings were very different, but not really lonely. Since we didn’t have a babysitter we had to explore the nightlife alone. We alternated every evening. Julia went most of the time to Yoga classes whereas I went for the rooftop bars or during one night watched the premiere of Terminator Genisys in the biggest 3D IMAX in the US. It is funny I would have never imagined going to a cinema alone. But these days with all the hectic, I was the person with the biggest smile in the room. That day I took an Uber that dropped me right at the cinema, I had a big bowl of popcorn and a humongous Coca-Cola. 3D glasses on and two hours brain shut down. The perfect movie for it 🙂

Of course, we also did the usual sight-seeing. We took the free Staten Island Ferry, looked at the statue of liberty, went to the Flatiron building, went to the New York Stock Exchange and touched the Charging Bull on the Wall Street.



IMG_7105  IMG_7108

What impressed us most though was the new World Trade Center One. Respectively the memorial for the old one.


Simply impossible to understand that the so-called Twin Towers are gone. The memorial is well thought through. It is very respectful but somehow also impressive. It has all the names engraved of the people that died during the attacks. As young parents, we were very touched by so many engraved women names that were accompanied by the word “and her unborn child” 😦


After the week ended we asked ourselves: “Did we enjoy NYC with babies?” Yes we did 🙂 It was awesome because the kids were small enough (<9months). They did not need playgrounds, but a warm place in the baby carrier. In addition, we could iterate between city, beach and nature within our eight months of travel. So, if you have at least five weeks time, your kids are below 8 months, why not spend a week in NYC – you will love it!  But if we would have one holiday to pick with our kids for 2016 and the holiday would be three weeks long, we would never pick NYC for that! First our kids wouldn’t like it anymore (they want to walk, play and run now) and second the jetlag will do the rest 🙂 

Leaving New York was, therefore, not that hard. With great memories though we left the city that never sleeps and boarded a train to Montreal, Canada.

IMG_8019    IMG_0503

Needless to say that I drank four or five cups of coffee during our ten hour ride to Montreal and rang up a bill of around $100 at the Amtrak restaurant counter – New York left his remarks 😉 Still, this high bill plus tips didn’t help to get our baby food heated up. The microwave behind the counter is strictly forbidden to use with food from passengers… In the end, we had to get multiple cups of hot water to heat the baby food up in there.


The rest of the journey we can’t really remember. We all fell asleep quite quickly.


Just when we arrived at the Canadian border we woke up again. The security and passport checks took around 70 minutes. I always wondered why it takes so long from NYC to Montreal by train! Now I know 🙂

Next: “Big Business” in Montreal and the beautiful Notre-Dame Basilica


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  1. Great city, adorable family and great article guys. I am blessed with twins couple of weeks ago and reading people’s experiences on how do they travel with twins. That’s really something I need to do. Get a break with my family!

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