Two loose screws on an airplane

Today we finally took off and it was a hilarious experience. First flight for the kids, 108kg to carry in suitcases, plus a buggy and two Maxi Cosi’s. And, of course, we didn’t finish packing the day before and we overslept five alarms on the day of departure. Still the very first time we woke up before our kids did.

One suitcase checked in, two on the tray and one standing up front – that’s 108 kilograms

But back to the start. The first think I remember is Julia saying “better get up” it is already 6am. From then on until we sat in the taxi I was in some kind of a trance. Showering, sitting on the suitcase to make this damn thing close and running up and down the stairs to fill the taxi with luggage. While I was doing that Julia tried to dress up the kids. Passing by the kids room I could see in the corner of my eye a big “rainbow-like” pee stream and Julia was grunting “all clothes wet again.” Surely no one can help me out here I thought. We can’t take the kids naked to the airport. The taxi driver just tipped on his watch when I came down the third time, “dude, I have people waiting at the airport, you are already 20mins late”. After four suitcases and one child, the taxi driver was wondering what on earth he got himself into. As we didn’t finish to mount the Maxi Cosi connectors to our Moutain Buggy I also had loose parts like screws and two iron bars, which I chucked into the car. Somewhere between that moment and when I brought down our second child he started smiling and muttered, “let’s hope they just got twins”.

But to our defense we also prepared some stuff ahead of time. For example a little goodies bag for the passengers sitting in proximity to us. We wanted to make sure they know that it will be Justus & Juri’s first flight.

Sitting in the first row, we handed those out to the passengers sitting in the same row then us and to the ones behind us

On the road to the Berlin-Tegel airport, our taxi driver told us that he can only drop us at Terminal A where his other customers were already waiting. This meant for us I had to take both Maxi Cosi’s with the kids in it, one in each hand, and had to push the buggy for 500m metres with my hip to Terminal C (the Maxi Cosi connectors would have come in handy here..). Julia was taking care of the trolley with the 108kg suitcases on it. Unfortunately, we put all the suitcases on the trolley on the side curb. I was already 50m away when I saw how the entire trolley together with Julia fell over when she was trying to get it off the curb again. We both had to laugh – and Julia had a big purple bruise the next day. A video of that torture would have made itself great in our blog we thought.

Until boarding only security was a bit of a problem. I managed to mount the Maxi Cosi connectors at the airport only to find out that I have to disconnect them again for security check.

Mountain Buggy with Maxi Cosi connectors mounted

Mountain Buggy with Maxi Cosi connectors mounted

Actually the entire buggy needs to go through the x-ray and needed to be folded. To the amazement of the security staff, we managed to make the mountain buggy duet small enough to fit. After that, we could take our buggy right to the plane, fold it again and leave it outside for pick up.

Buggy at airplane

Our AirBerlin Airbus A320 to Tenerife

On the plane, we got baby seatbelts and were awaiting the take-off to see how the kids cope with their ears. Juri was totally fine and slept through on my arms until, at cruising altitude, his baby bed arrived. He continued sleeping for a while. Justus was also far from being impressed. He played with Julia the Bi-Ba Butzemann. Soon both kids slept and we had some parents time – wow this was easy. We even managed to feed both kids their puree at lunch time. Air Berlin heated the meals up for us.

Hmm, yammy, veggies with sweet potatoes :)

Hmm, yummy, veggies with sweet potatoes 🙂

Once the kids started waking up they were the little stars on the plane.



They smiled at everyone passing by and laughed a lot. They truly enjoyed their first flight and I thought I could have eaten all these goodie bags chocolates myself. 😀 Even the landing was totally fine. Instead of having ear pain because of air pressure adjustments, the kids were fascinated by the bird’s eye view on Tenerife.

Justus checking out the plane

Justus checking out the plane

My backup baby milk bottle I prepared before landing wasn’t needed at all. After five hours flight time, we arrived very relaxed and full of energy in sunny Tenerife. One thing to note after landing, our buggy wasn’t handed out as promised right at the plane. We had to pick it up a the bulky baggage point. It seems sometimes you get your buggy right at the plane, sometimes through the normal baggage conveyor belt and sometimes at the bulky baggage point.

One of the most relaxed flight, we took so far

One of the most relaxed flights, we took so far

It took only a couple of minutes to get the car from Europcar and we were on the road again – what a great feeling. As we landed in South of Tenerife, we had to make our way up to the North to Puerto de La Cruz.


At Europcar to pick up our Touran for the next four weeks

The drive was very easy due to the great infrastructure here and we could enjoy a very nice first sunset on Tenerife’s coast.


First sunset from our terrace on Tenerife

2 Comments on “Two loose screws on an airplane

  1. Hach, danke lieber Toby, liebe Julia, lieber Justus, lieber Juri. Wir sitzen grade in unserem Berliner Wohnzimmer und sind aktuell eher mit dem Thema ankommen beschäftigt. Any day now =)

    Aber beim lesen und schauen und staunen kommen wir direkt selbst ins planen. Vielleicht ist das ja eine Inspiration für unsere Kleine sich auch bald auf ihren ersten Weg zu machen.

    Ganz viel Spaß euch Vier, passt auf euch auf und lasst uns weiter so toll teilhaben.
    Moni und Moritz

    PS: Julia, die Schuhe habe ich auch. Die waren als einzige in Indien dabei – war perfekt.

    Liked by 1 person


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