O Hawaii no ka aina maikai

Today our kids got our Tenerife travel guide into their hands. At first they were very curious, but that feeling changed quickly into great disbelief.

I forgot to tell the kids about changes in the travel plan, Canary Island is first, not Hawaii - sorry!

I forgot to tell the kids about changes in the travel plan; Canary Island is first, not Hawaii – Sorry!

“That doesn’t look like Hawaii, does it?” Justus realized rather quickly that he won’t be in Hawaii until he is at least one-year-old. Juri was still figuring out what was happening here. But there is a natural explanation..

Being very busy the last weeks we totally forgot about “telling” the twins that we made changes to the travel plans. We skipped the idea to go to Hawaii for two reasons. First the US Dollar exchange rate is not ideal compared to the Euro. And second it is a hell of a flight from Berlin – so Tenerife was more of an obvious choice for us. A much shorter flight and nice weather all year round. Still, the kids loved the song “Ich war noch niemals in New York, ich war noch niemals auf Hawaii…”  so at least I was continue singing it to them twice a day – pretty mean. We had to pick up our game with the twins to be better at “show and tell”.

We apologized twofold. Firstly we made our twins models. My brother made us a great Christmas gift – baby photo shooting for an hour and a half right in our living room. The kids loved it. I took some “making of” pictures. 😀

Foto Shooting

Justus and Juri loved it – born models, keep the spirit until we are in NYC 😉

My Christmas gift from my brother – a foto shooting for the twins








If you are in Berlin, you can also get in contact with our photographer here. He makes great pictures, is giving you all photos he has made in raw format and will just come to where ever you are.

Secondly we visited the cinema “Babylon” in Berlin Mitte. They have something called “Kinderwagen Kino” that runs every Wednesday at 10:30am. You can enter the screenings with your buggy and your baby has all the amenities he/she needs – yep there is a diaper changing table right next to the screen. They also turn down the volume a bit and it is brighter, so you can actually see when your kids run away. In addition every five minutes a baby is crawling around you 🙂 We had a good time!

baby cinema

“Kinderwagen Kino” – every Wednesday 10:30am at Cinema Babylon in Berlin

But now back to the fun part – packing suitcases. Julia was trying to organize the food for the kids. If we can’t mash fresh veggies at day one, we would want to have a backup. So some jars for the first days, some jars as a backup for later and some jars for the cruise ship trip – oh boy, that starts to add up. We filed up a suitcase just with baby food – 20ky heavy 🙂

Baby Food for a week or two with twins... that will be a heavy suitecase

Julia is playing Jenga with baby food – seems we need one suitcase exclusively for baby food 🙂

Furthermore, I was amazed how many times we did the laundry – never seen so many wet clothes at once. As I write this we are still washing and it is already 1:22am. I wonder how we will be able to move around tomorrow. We have two backpacks, four suitcases, two baby car seats and a buggy, and, of course, the twins 🙂 We will know in the next couple of hours when we drive to the airport. Can’t wait to get a picture taken of us. I will definitely add it to the next post 🙂 But now it is time to get rid of all these warm clothes Justus & Juri and let the travels begin.

This is your life. Do what you love, and do it often. If you don’t like something, change it.  If you don’t have enough time stop watching TV. Getting lost will help you find yourself and some opportunities only come once, seize them. Life is a short trip. Live your dream and share your passion.

Enough of the cold - where is the sun?

Enough of the cold – where is the sun?



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