Bill Clinton’s washroom

Eight long minutes :-)

Eight long minutes 🙂

Ahead of leaving Berlin we did a little pre-travel to see how we go on the road. We decided to visit my uncle in Rinteln and Juri and Justus great-grandma and great granddad in Iserlohn – 1000km roundtrip. On the first stop at a gas station, I realized that I want this all-weather blanket I mentioned in an earlier post. Julia was gone putting gas into the car and after that off to the washrooms. To the amusement of the other customer, I was running around for these eight minutes with both twins on the arm unable to do anything. Eight minutes can be a hard time, and I started understanding how the last weeks must have been for my girlfriend when she was one “Elternzeit” on her own.

The drive with the car was fine for the first three hours, and we reached Rinteln for a break without any screaming. The last hour of the trip… let’s don’t talk about it. What we found out works best is to place one child in the front (disable airbags) and one in the back. The one in the front will be happily looking at you driving, whereas with the other one you can play in the back.

Baby Maxi Cosi

Drive to Rinteln in a comfy Maxi Cosi

Arriving at our final destination Campus Garden Hotel in Iserlohn we were lucky to get an upgrade to a suite with a massive bathroom, a bedroom with an adjacent room and a big entrance area. In five minutes, we hijacked the room to be baby heaven (big blanket with a play area, the desk to be our diaper changing table and toys everywhere). We loved how easy travel was so far with the kids, and we liked the idea of upgrades coming in – we also had a subscription to all smiles from the hotel staff and guests.

We later found out that Bill Clinton stayed in the hotel and did a speech here once. We checked the room plan and assumed that we sat on Bill Clinton’s toilet as our hotel room was the only suite in the compound. It was by far the biggest with the best view and had beautiful golden fittings everywhere.

Bill Clinton's baththub

Bill Clinton’s bathtub

To our disappointment, we later found out that Bill Clinton was indeed here for a speech, but not so certainly stayed here overnight. I think he must have been at the Four Seasons across the lake – much nicer there 😀 But well might be we sat on a chair he set on.. haha, so really who cares about that…what I did care about was that Hertha BSC finally wins again, but that night against SC Freiburg they played a dull 0:0. At least the beer tasted ok during the match.

Relaxing dinner with SkyGo – my girlfriend hated that one 😉

After two days and our last breakfast, we wrapped and went back home. Our key learnings were that we had much more stuff to forget since we have kids. Just on the first day we forgot our suckle back in Rinteln and our lid for the baby cups in Hema. We will inevitably start to write a packing list  – we already did by now, click here 🙂 – for the holidays to make sure we have the most important stuff with us. Otherwise, the pre-travel experience was excellent, and I enjoyed not being in Berlin and circling around the “Kollwitzplatz” in Prenzlauer Berg. There is more out there in the world, and it is about time to fly off. Our next post will most likely be from the airport, finally 😀

Baby eating

First time in a highchair 🙂

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