Passport and Baby Doctor

Getting passports

Wow, what a week. Since we shared our idea about spending some time abroad, we got so many nice comments from all over the world. Everyone seems to be quite excited. Especially us, of course 🙂 Thank you!

Traffic is boomingWe even got an email from a couple from the US to stay with them in Florida and from a couple from Berlin to meet them in New York. Funnily the couple we can meet in NYC also has identical twins 🙂 However, back to this week’s tasks. Most importantly – passport pics. I always wondered if they would need to be biometric with a grim face and how that would look like for two babies. Ha, so here are the two pictures we got of our twins staring in a flashlight – priceless…

IMG_6991 (1)We had to try hard to not let them smile. I wonder what they were thinking…I guess we will never know. Next stop was the passport issuing “Bürgerbehörde” in Berlin, Pankow. The great thing about baby passports (“Kinderreisepass”) is that you can directly take them with you. No waiting whatsoever for printing. The bad thing about them they are quite useless if you want to go to the USA (we only found that out through a comment from Anna below –> Thank you!!!). So we need to get a real one now, which takes 2-3 weeks printing. It cost a bit more, but then again you don’t need to check for each country if a “Kinderreisepass” grants you entry to the particular country. Next time I would just go for the grown up passport. You normally only get this one if the kids are 12 years or older. If you ask for it, you will get it for babies at any age. What I find amusing is that the “Kinderreisepass” and the regular passport are valid for five years. I wonder how, in four years, we could immigrate to the USA with a baby photo and the kid’s size stating 63cm. I have heard that the picture can be replaced once. After getting the twins’ first passport, I then had to check if the passports matched the boys (below, Justus with his very own passport) and came to the conclusion that we will be totally fine 😀


On top of getting all of that done, we went to our babies’ doctor to check whether or not she had any concerns about traveling by car, motorhome, cruise ship, plane, and bike. What we already knew was that your kid needs to be six months old in order to go on an AIDA cruise ship (our kids will be six months and exactly eleven days – check). We also knew that if your kid is still under one-year-old the cruise couldn’t have more than three consecutive sea days (we only have one sea day – check). Our babies’ doctor checked the boys carefully and then congratulated us on such a great idea, wishing us all the best. We quickly wrapped up to make sure she didn’t change her mind and went to the pharmacy to get all of the stuff we needed for a babies like “first-aid-kit” (Otriven, Ben-u-ron Zäpfchen, Viburcol N, saline solution, burn spray and some homeopathic stuff). That was easy – I was expecting a big suite case full of medicaments and something like baby aspirin 😉Toby & Juri

We also picked up a tip from the First Aid Seminar for Babies (highly recommended before you travel!) that we attended this week. We learned that we should use the bite away stick against stitches from blood sucking insects. The stick heats the stitches up and stops the itching. It would have been great to have known this before we went to the Amazonas two years ago…After testing the stick with some friends, we found out that it only works 300 times. Now we only have 288 times left and 12 friends with some very hot skin 😀 Another good tip we got was to buy an all-weather blanket. The blanket has a bottom partly made out of aluminum so the kids can lay almost anywhere. They can’t get wet and don’t cool out so quickly on colder grounds – purchased!

8 Comments on “Passport and Baby Doctor

  1. Hi Anna, thanks so much for your help, just in time I would say! We still can get the other ones. Will update this blog entry now – I wonder why in the Bürgerbehörde they didn’t say anything about it, I think they knew we are going to travel to the USA. lg toby, jule + justus & juri


    • ich antworte dann auf deutsch ;). wir hatten für unsere mädels damals auch baby reisepässe und überall wurde uns gesagt es ist iO. nur das reisebüro hat uns davor gewarnt. und sie haben recht gehabt… wir haben es noch geschafft die neuen pässe (in eilverfahren) zu beantragen. eine freundin von mir wurde erst im flughafen mit kind und kegel gesagt, so kann sie nicht fliegen. viel spass euch! was für eine coole idee. wir sind viel, viel geflogen mit unseren kids (20 monate auseinander) aber nie so lange und im urlaub. super toll. viel spass and I´ll stay tuned…


  2. Hi Anna, stimmt Deutsch geht auch 🙂 Ich habe mal 3.5 Jahre in Australien gelebt, daher viele Freunde dort und deshalb auch der Blog in English! Wahnsinn, wenn man am Flughafen mit dem ganzen Gepäck weggeschickt wird…. da müsste das Bürgeramt auch besser Auskunft geben! Genau bei kidsaway und dann dem Auswärtigen Amit hatte ich es nach deinem Kommentar gelesen! Danke 🙂



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