Telling the Twins About Our Plans

Before we proceeded with planning, packing and organizing (which we knew was going to be hell :-)) we wanted to see what our babies thought about it all. So, this morning I had the pleasure of telling them about our plans.

What I got is that they are not sure what to expect in Japan but hey, Juri & Justus, it will be fun – trust me 🙂 Having done that part, we can now focus on cleaning up our desks… FullSizeRender (2)and see if it still makes sense to water the plants. I remember that the last time I did that was the day before our babies were born.

In addition, we are trying to figure out which suitcase combination we want to go with. As we are two adults and two babies with AirBerlin we can take 4 x 20kg luggage + one buggy + two car baby seats. These are easy to fill and we have certain things that we don’t want to miss out, like a bulky sterilizer or our babies’ favorite jungle baby center. The only question is, how will we carry all of that? After the booking, I also directly called the airline to reserve a free baby bed and the first row of seats.

FullSizeRender (1)

This is good to know before traveling on an airplane with babies (this is valid for Lufthansa & AirBerlin, you might need to check with your airline for specifics):
  • Per adult, you can take 1x baby car seat and 1x buggy at no costs directly to the boarding area, at no cost. They check the stuff in when you are boarding and give it back to you either at the gate when you arrive, through the normal luggage tray or at the bulky luggage pick up point
  • You have to call in advance to get your baby bed and the first row of seats, but these are often booked out. You can only have one baby bed per three seats so, with twins, you cannot sit together with two baby beds
  • Think about whether or not you want an extra seat for your baby so he/she can be safe in a car seat. The extension belt for babies is not safe and is just there so that the baby doesn’t hit anyone else during turbulences (these are 75% of the normal price though, instead of 5-20% of the price)
  • You can fly business class with babies but you can only put one baby bed per two seats so, with twins, you cannot sit together
  • Babies who are more than seven days old are allowed to fly


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